Collection of Design work by Rob Garrett

Two of Three

We moved to Hong Kong and adopted a Pug. Still the same roll of film. Yashica J5

One of Three

I had a roll of film in my camera for ten months. I like to take pictures of my life and these are snippets of it.

I finally got around to making some pieces that were in my head for longer than I care to remember. I have a few more pieces in the range, hopefully they will be making a debut soon. The idea or rational behind the plywood and copper pipe is an exploration into using everyday tactile materials that are not necessarily sustainable, but affordable and available. The design is simple, easy to manufacture in an averagely equiped home garage. So, affordable designed pieces using everyday materials. Enjoy.

Please excuse the very bad photographs, I made these pieces, had chrismas and moved to Hong Kong all within the same week.

A style shoot I did a while back for a potential job. Thanks to Lee, Louis, Ryan and Ernest for modeling. 

The Last Days

Takayama, Japan in black and white